Elijah House 201 / 202

The next 201 school (formerly Basic 1) will be held in Nottingham run over 6 weekends, as follows:

January 19th-21st; February 16th-18th; March 16th-18th

April 13th-15th; May 11th-13th; June 8th-10th 2018

Please contact us for more details about this school, and for application forms

Cost (includes workbook and refreshments) £150

Where can I find tools to help myself, and others, get healing for life's wounds? For instance, shame brings isolation to people who struggle with it. Empathy opens the door to exploring where shame became an identity. At Elijah House we call this process "inner healing". A type of Biblical counselling that is pastoral in nature.

We teach foundational principles and tools for dealing with prevalent issues. Students learn to trace bad fruit to bitter roots formed in the heart (Heb 12:15), most often in childhood. They learn how to cut off roots at the Cross, and bring repentance and healing to the heart. Transformation is the goal of this work.

School sessions include:

Bitter roots, deliverance, inner vows, shame, forgiveness, foundational lies, trauma.

There are 25 lessons in all, plus demonstrations. Practical experience is gained through small group ministry sessions.

Come and join us and experience His enabling presence that can restore and heal His children and transform their lives.


For an application form please use the Contact page.