Cathy is an approved Facilitator of The Elijah House School for Prayer Ministry, which was established by John and Paula Sandford, the founders of Elijah House.

There are 2 schools, 201 and 202, (formerly Basic 1 and Basic 2) each lasting for 10 days. The schools can take place as evening classes, or over either 10 Saturdays, 2 weeks or 4 weekends, depending on what works best in each situation.

Each school consists of 24 lessons (on DVD), demonstrations, and several opportunities to practice and to receive prayer ministry in the safety of small groups.

Elijah House schools are founded on principles reflected in Malachi 4:5-6 and Matthew 17:11. We call God’s people to restore the hearts of fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers, and to restore all things.

How do our schools accomplish this? We train students in the biblical principles and tools for the healing and transformation of the inner man that God has given John and Paula Sandford and other Elijah House teachers. Students learn to trace bad fruit in people’s lives to unforgiveness, bitterness, negative life decisions and other strongholds in the heart. They learn to listen to the Holy Spirit and follow His lead as they minister. The ultimate goal is not only to transform individuals, but also to enable them to reconcile with others as well as with God.

This school will help you discover Scriptural answers to many searching questions we all have about life, God, and ourselves. Have you ever wondered why you think, feel, speak and act the way you do? Have you ever wondered why things happen in your lives and relationships the way they do, and why God allows certain things to happen? Jesus desires to bring you into wholeness through true change and to break through in long-standing areas of your life. He wants to equip you with greater vision and hope for the future…to take you into a deeper, more exciting and fulfilling love relationship with Him, and to prepare, empower, and release you into a new anointing to help others.

For more information about schools, or for enquiries about hosting a school in your area, please use the contact form.