The vision for Hearts Resounding Ministries was birthed during a ‘soaking session’, when God showed Cathy His heart for those who for various reasons are unable to fulfil their destiny.

Cathy was given a silver trumpet to announce the presence of Jesus to three groups of people. The first were arguing, fighting over who was right. The second group were wounded, discouraged, defeated. The third group were asleep, in broad daylight.

In the distance an army of warriors were marching, following God’s call, but these were unable to join them.

Although feeling inadequate for the task, Cathy took the trumpet and blew. As each group turned to the sound, Cathy was commanded to teach those who were fighting, to bring healing to the wounded, alongside Jesus, and to anoint the eyes of the sleepers so they could see.

In the years that followed, God led Cathy through to the point where this vision could be realised.

We see teaching as an important part of the journey towards wholeness, and we highly recommend Elijah House 201, or any of the Elijah House seminars or schools.

Healing for the heart can come through the teaching, and also through prayer ministry appointments.

Through teaching and training, and through anointed music ministry, the eyes of the spiritually blind can be opened, and people can be led to repentance and healing.